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Goal Zero & sponsors

Great news! I’m really honoured to have been selected as one of the ambassadors for Goal Zero in Australia! Joining a great team of ambassadors too.

In case you don’t know about them, Goal Zero is an awesome company making solar power practical and portable. Learn how to solar power your adventures by following them on Facebook here and on their website here.

Very stoked about this. Thanks Goal Zero!

Lunchtime top-up of my iphone with the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus, at Mt Buffalo last year.

Lunchtime top-up of my iphone with the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus, at Mt Buffalo last year.

Speaking of sponsors, I’ll just quickly take this opportunity to thank my long term rope sponsor Sterling Rope who have been supporting me for at least 10 years. I use their static ropes for photography and dynamic for climbing. If I have to trust my life to a rope, and I do, then I couldn’t be happier to use Sterling Rope. They are a fantastic brand, check them out here.

Many thanks also to La Sportiva — makers of great climbing and approach shoes. And Julbo — creators of stylish sunglasses and entrusted protectors of my eyes. Both of these brands got behind me last year.

It’s not only awesome to use great gear from these brands, their support does help me a lot in my work.

Thank you so much. You rock!


  • Semmy says:

    Hey Simon,

    I was wondering what static rope you’re using or you can recommend for climbing photography (no ice climbing)?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Semmy, sure thing. I presume you know to only use static ropes for abseiling and jumaring, as a fixed rope, rather than for climbing on when you might take falls? Anyway, I really like the HTP statics because they are super-low stretch, hence less rubbing and wear (and cutting!). The Superstatic2’s are also good but HTP have lower stretch so are my preference. Then diameter comes down to how far I’ve got to carry it. I prefer 11/16″ as a workhorse, but 3/8″ is less to lug around. Whatever ropes you’re using, use lots of rope-protectors, they are your friends. If I sound paranoid then you are probably right, somehow I don’t feel as indestructible as when in my youth, but I don’t think it pays to cut corners here.
      See here: http://www.sterlingrope.com/category/456022/
      Hope this helps. SC

  • Semmy says:

    Hey Simon,

    thanks, your words are really appreciated. Do you use any rope-protectors in particular? Btw, I don’t think you sound paranoid. Safety first is an important aspect, for the photographer and for everyone else who is involved.


    • Hi Semmy. Thanks. For rope protectors I don’t think the brand matters too much. I like the ones that velcro together – easier to get off. I don’t like the plastic ones that wrap numerous times around the rope. Personal preference perhaps. The important thing is to take care in how you rig things. Even with rope protectors I often retie the rope off to a runner below a bulge or sharp edge…

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