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A beginning

Evan Stevens, The Siege of Thermopylae (6c+), sector Spartacus, Kalymnos, Greece, with Telendos Island in the background.

Evan Stevens, The Siege of Thermopylae (6c+), sector Spartacus, Kalymnos, Greece, with Telendos Island in the background.

Welcome and many thanks indeed for joining us!

I’ve been wanting to start up a regular email newsletter for some time now. It seems the best way to share a lot of what is going on — and there has been a lot going on!

My main aim with this newsletter is to share a lot of my photography — including new exclusive work that I can’t share publicly on my website just yet. We will also share some climbing, community and photography news and information (our focus is on Australia but not limited to that). We will also have some freebies such as desktop wallpaper for your computer.

I’ll try to keep my words to a minimum and my photos to a maximum.

So lets begin with a quick wrap up of some things we’ve covered lately, most recent first:

Daniel Fisher recently made the second ascent of White Ladder, the first grade 34 route in Australia — which was established 10 years ago. See my photos and read our interview with Daniel here.

175 D0366

Recent highline action in the Blue Mountains, a little photo essay: Goddam Slackers! –> here.

095 D0022

We have started to roll out new photo galleries on the web site! First up Kalymnos in Greece – one of the world’s great climbing holiday destinations, see it –> here.

Simon Montmory, Typhoon (7c), Crystal Cave, Telendos Island near

Elphinstone is a mega new HARD climbing area in the Blue Mountains. We unveiled it back in February with photos and asked “Is the future of hard Australian climbing set in (Elphin)stone” –> here.

035 D0195

Top Australian climber Chris Webb-Parson was back in his home country for the first time in years. We got some shots and interviewed him –> here.

196 D0083

In January we published a tribute to Australian climbing legend John Ewbank, who sadly died in December last year. In case you missed that, it is –> here.


Angie Scarth-Johnson is an 11 year old who climbed her first 31. See our earlier interview with her –> here.


What else? Well we have a new logo! After 20 years we thought it was time for a change and this reflects a slightly new focus for us. I hope you like it!


Wallpaper! A freebie. Yes, a desktop wallpaper for your computer! We have been asked for these a lot but we will only make them available to subscribers to this email newsletter. The first one is available from –> this link. It is the image at the top of this email.

So that’s it for our first newsletter. Playing catch up with some things we’ve covered in the last few months really — but it is a start! Please forward this on to your friends and get them to sign up too.

More soon. Have a great day!


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