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The Weekend Australian

By 29 April 2017Instagrams

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Hahaha! Didn’t know that was coming! So I just walked into the service station to pay for my petrol and was thinking about buying a paper when… seeing one of my photos of @angiescarthjohnson on the cover of The Weekend Australian… well, that decision was made much easier. Scored the cover of the Weekend Australian Magazine as well. Sweet! I shot both of these in Spain last year, on assignment for @thenorthface_aunz .

Congratulations Angie for your awesome achievement in sending Lucifer (5.14c or 34) in the Red River Gorge recently. So good to see!

It’s a nice five page article in the magazine; significant mainstream exposure for both Angie and climbing. To be honest, having been around over the years and like some other experienced climbers I’m sure, I sometimes have a little trepidation about such exposure and how our “sport” is portrayed. I think this article settles down into being a pretty good one actually. In regards to placing expectations on a young climber, it’s a good quote that they used from Monique “We don’t need to push her to achieve more. She does that all by herself.” That said, Angie, keep having fun with your climbing kiddo and I hope your dreams come true. Major props to you my friend. 👊

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