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the Star Factory

By 17 April 2014


The Star Factory on the Freychinet Peninsula (Coles Bay) is a hard modern crag, with a whole swathe of world-class climbing on beautiful orange granite. I was super-psyched to photographed there, it was the main goal of my recent Tasmania trip. Here’s an exclusive sneak peak of some of the results.

Shooting climbing in Tasmania always seems to be hard work, lots of long approaches and all, but I love it — absolutely love it — down there! Such incredible landscape, such good climbing. Hope you like the new shots.

See below for more news.

_DSC5788-EditAndrew ‘Squib’ Cubbon on Astro Boy (30).

_DSC6190Garry Phillips on Wizard of Oz (32).

_DSC5889It’s an hours hike to the Star Factory – but so nice!

Garry Phillips, Entree (29), Star Factory, Freychinet Peninsula, Tasmania.
Garry Phillips on his route Entre (29), Star Factory.

_DSC591113 seconds.

_DSC6352Little Bluestone Bay.

_DSC6560Simon Bischoff on his Ockham’s Razor (27), Alchemy Wall.

Barbara Zangerl. And now for something a bit different. Last newsletter I talked about Tasmania’s Tasman Trilogy, well then, how about Europe’s Alpine Trilolgy? These are three very hard, run-out, multi-pitch routes in the high Alps. Climbing any of these routes is an exceptional accomplishment and Barbara Zangerl from Austria became the first woman to climb all three. Monique Forestier (climber extraordinaire, my wife and partner in ONSIGHT) was recently climbing at Oliana in Spain where she interviewed Barbara Zangerl and got the full story. Check that out –> here. Many thanks to the photographers who contributed images for this.

Grampians. If heading to the Grampians this Easter, the latest access info from Cliffcare is –> here. Still many areas closed, and probably will be for a while yet.

Have a great Easter. Be safe out there!