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sexual harassment survey

By 29 June 2018 July 10th, 2018 Instagrams

This is my daughter Coco Carter with Daila Ojeda and Sasha DiGiulian, sharing beta for Mind Control (8c+), at #Oliana six years ago. Daila and Sasha are awesome role models for my daughter, amazing climbers who have paved the way and helped inspire many other women.

OK, so discussions of sexism and misogyny within the USA climbing community recently exploded on the internet. I don’t mean to specifically comment on that now. But in some of the subsequent discussions that came up I was stunned to hear mention of sexual harassment, and even rape, in a climbing context. It appears these issues are far more serious than anything I’d ever suspected. I’m not alone in wondering about the extent of the problem; and it turns out there has just been a survey conducted in the USA to help determine exactly that. I reached out to the organisers of the study, they mentioned that they had had Australian respondents. That USA study has now closed, but they kindly have set up an Australian specific version of the survey. It is entirely anonymous. The results will be analysed by the American academics behind this, in parallel with the North America focused results.

Please take a moment now to answer the survey –> here. The survey closes this Sunday, July 1.

Thanks everyone. Peace out.

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