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It’s funny, I’ve been shooting climbing professionally for about 24 years now and, whilst a lot has changed over the years, job satisfaction comes in unexpected ways. So yes, I admit to being nicely chuffed by an email I just received from this man, I’m pretty sure he won’t mind me sharing it:
“I love your newsletters. Makes me want to jump on a a plane and get climbing!!!!!”
This man of course is Sir Chris Bonington. There’s a bit more to why I’m chuffed about this than what you might immediately think. You see, some 37 years ago, back when I was a teenager, in the school library I found two books which I think ended up playing a pretty important role in setting the direction of my life. These books were mountaineering classics, one was The White Spider about the North Face of the Eiger and the other was Everest the Hard Way by, of course, Chris Bonington. After reading these books I knew what I wanted to do and somehow convinced my mother to get an underage me onto an Australian Himalayan ice climbing course at Blue Lake when I was 15, with Lincoln Hall and Tim McCartney-Snape my instructors (if I remember correctly). And the rest, as they say, is history.
So you see, I’m pretty happy to be kicking a tiny bit of the inspiration back at Chris after all these years. Thanks Chris.
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This pic is of Chris some years ago leading Baby Carrots (13), at Mount Boyce in the Blue Mountains. #throwback #tbt

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