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A rare shot of me climbing… @moniqueforestier and I have been doing some training with the Australian Climbing Instructors Association and have just sat – and passed – our Single Pitch Guide exam. Woohoo! I’ve been climbing for 36 years and there’s one thing I’ve learnt – never assume you know it all. As such, it was a delight to undergo an intensive learning experience with two super-skilled guides and fantastic teachers – Marty Beare and Adam Darragh. Thanks guys! Good times. The set ups and systems for safe single pitch guiding are unique, and so it doesn’t really matter how much climbing you’ve done, if you don’t know them, well, you don’t know. After all the training and then two-day assessment, well my brain was well fried. Not planning a switch of career into full time guiding, but should help with some things Monique and I might be doing with her coaching business @climbingaustralia. And who knows, might get us out of tight spot one day…. Props and respect to all the guides out there!

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