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Struggle Street

By 16 May 2020May 25th, 2020Instagrams

Catch of the day. As fresh as they come!⁠⠀
That’s right, this is not, repeat NOT, a throwback!⁠⠀
With apologies to everyone still suffering lockdown in most parts of the world, the relative disease free status of the state of NSW saw some things return somewhat to normal today.⁠⠀
And thus Paul “Frothy” Thomson wasted no time on a send of Struggle Street (26) at GFC in western Sydney this afternoon. Now that’s the kind of lock-down I like to see!⁠⠀
Ooooh, think I found a project for the next few months. Who’d be psyched so see a guidebook to SYDNEY SELECTED CRAGS, covering the best in the region? About time I think but please demonstrate your level of froth for said project in the comments below, and maybe we’ll get to work!⁠⠀

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