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Touchstone Pictures

By 14 May 2020Instagrams

Bye-bye Touchstone Pictures…⁠
Bye-bye Blimp…⁠
Bye-bye Manic Depressive…⁠
Bye-bye Pathos…⁠
In fact, bye-bye to pretty much all of the world-class climbing at Bundaleer in the Grampians.⁠

Yep, Parks Victoria have revealed their next move which will be to almost certainly ban most of the climbing at Bundaleer in the central Grampians. Despite previous arrangements working quite well in the past. Despite walkers and school groups still being allowed to all over the place…⁠

Do not be fooled, this is just the next step and the worst announcements are yet to come.⁠

Learn more at and join the ACAV and/or donate if you care to help do something about it.⁠

Photo: Andrew Ellemor on Touchstone Pictures (28). #throwback #film⁠

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