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Grampians Access

Call Rebeka to the stand, Your Honour

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…I had been trying to get to the bottom this issue for months and welcome any new info, so we got into a discussion and he revealed the location he was talking about which was not in the Grampians but, surprise surprise, it was at Burrunj North in the Black Range State Park, 20km to the west of the Grampians. I knew the exact incident he was talking about as this has been discussed a lot in climbing groups. It’s a bad incident, it’s the absolute worst….

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Park Victoria’s Dirty War on Rock Climbers

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These bans have been imposed by Parks unilaterally, without consultation, without satisfactory justification, without transparency and without sign of due process. They have been accompanied by appalling communication, out-of-this-world hypocrisy, and a failing in Park’s obligations to climber’s as a user group. In a belated effort to justify the bans at least some at Parks have engaged in a dirty, misleading smear campaign dishonestly vilifying climbers – and even resorted to lies. Yep. Oh boy. Where to begin….

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