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Ben Lane, Gods Forgotten Brother (30), Bell, Blue Mountains.

Ben Lane, Gods Forgotten Brother (30), Bell, Blue Mountains.

Insanely busy times of late, working on the new Blue Mountains guidebook. It’s going to have over 3000 routes in it! The redesign and reformatting of the old edition is complete. It hasn’t all been 14 hours days in front of the computer though, I have had to get out a bit to do some photos; a bonus as that helps keep me sane… The pics in this newsletter are from Bell, one of the new areas that will be in the book. Many thanks to all the climbers who have been helping out and contributing info. I am very psyched about this new guidebook!

Speaking of guidebooks… We have just today received delivery of our new Frog Buttress guidebook. Yeeha! Massive shout out to author Matt Hutton who has done a fantastic job on this. Great working with you Matt! I’m very proud of this one. It’s a great little guide to a very significant Australian climbing area. All the info is here –> www.onsight.com.au/frog

What else? Sydney has a great new bouldering gym, if you hadn’t heard. We’ve used it a few times now in an attempt to keep the cobwebs at bay; interesting problems that’s for sure. It’s called 9 Degrees, and it’s fun! Check it out –> www.9degrees.com.au

Back to work for me. Enjoy the pics. More soon!

~ Simon

Paul Thomson, The Reality Dysfunction (26), Bell, Blue Mountains.

Paul Thomson, The Reality Dysfunction (26), Bell.

Ben Lane, Insidious (24), Bell, Blue Mountains.

Ben Lane, Insidious (24), Bell.

Monique Forestier cleaning Event Horizon (27), Bell, Blue Mountains.

Monique Forestier cleaning Event Horizon (27), Bell.

Boom! It's here!

Boom! It’s here!

Monique Forestier, working up a pump.

Monique Forestier working up a pump, at 9 Degrees, Sydney.

Dave Kellerman, sending red.

Dave Kellerman, sending red.


Wallflowers. 9 Degrees.


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