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God’s Own Stone

By 24 April 2022March 14th, 2023Instagrams

Louie Allen attempting God’s Own Stone (5.14a), Gold Coast, Red River Gorge, Kentucky, the other day.⁠

So awesome to get overseas for the first time in several years! I’ve been in the Red RiverGorge for a couple of weeks now and have been working hard with the illustrious Brendan Leader on an update to our incredibly popular THE RED guidebook. ⁠Brendan has been meticulously working on the text, and physically checking for every single existing crag (and a few new ones) to ensure that the info in our next edition is thoroughly up-to-date and as good as can be. Meanwhile I’ve been taking lots of new cliff topo photos – and with that under control I’ve also done about 20 action photo shoots this last week. Loving the new Nikon Z9 as well as the vibe in the gorge and getting to hang out with so many psyched climbers. Even managed to climb a few routes myself. #goodtimes #exhausted 😅

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