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The Sandinista Scandal

By 23 May 2020May 26th, 2020Grampians Access, Instagrams


The Sandinista Scandal – White Lies from PV“⁠

Parks Victoria have really f*%&ked up this time. If you thought the “bolt-in-rock-art” fabrication was bad, this is potentially worse. And that fact that it is occurring this far into the “game”, is scandalous.⁠

Do you think white streaks in the background in this photo (which I took in the 1990s) is:⁠
A) Climbers chalk. Or⁠
B) Natural rock colours?⁠

I know right, tricky one, eh. ⁠

So here’s a hint, in case it’s needed: The climb that the climber is an open project (now abandoned) on Sandinista Cliff and there is NO climb immediately to the left of it.⁠

Next question:⁠
Of course Parks Victoria went for A) and having decided that it is climbers’ chalk, what do you think they have done with that?⁠
A) Absolutely nothing malicious and damaging whatsoever, or⁠
B) Put it in a “Permit to Harm” application for licensed tour operators wanting to use the Summer Day Valley area, and basically, stated to Traditional Owners that yeah well, that what climbers do. They say:⁠

“The impact of chalk (used by climbers) on Aboriginal cultural heritage can be very high because it visually obscures and stains the surface of the cliff face and is difficult to remove. The use of chalk is not to be permitted under this permit.”⁠

This is a despicably dishonest and inflammatory statement from Parks Victoria. It is no wonder the future of climbing in Victoria if stuffed.⁠

Save Grampians Climbing have blown the lid on this one. This is big. It’s all explained in their article. Essential reading.⁠


Also, good short article on page 3 of The Australian today.

Please support the ACAV.

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