Best of the Red


Selected Sport Climbing Crags guidebook to the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA. 2017 Edition.

By Brendan Leader

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This entirely new rock climbing guidebook to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, documents one of America’s premier sport climbing destinations in impressive detail.

The Motherlode crag may well be mind-blowing; however the best climbing is not only found there, it is spread far and wide – around the “North”, the “South”, the Muir Valley and Miller Fork. The Best of the Red is the only guidebook which covers the best sport climbing crags in the entire region. Within its neat 176 pages, 1271 rock climbs are carefully described at 46 of the crags scattered amongst the hollows of the Red River Gorge.

With 14 beautifully rendered maps, 322 marked topo photos and clear and concise access and route descriptions authored by local climber Brendan Leader, you’ll no longer have an excuse to be lost in the woods.

This guidebook features stunning action photography that will get you dreaming about your Red River Gorge climbing adventure. Best of the Red has a classy no-nonsense design with functionality built in to its core to help you get down to business and make the best of your time in the Red.

NOTE: For USA delivery, we recommend to order from our USA distributor here to save on postage.

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