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As I mentioned in my last post, we are now climbing at the Spanish super-crag Oliana. I call it a super-crag because a) it is so cool and b) because it has the second highest concentration of ultra-hard routes in the world (nearby Santa Linya holds the title). Not that I can do much here, getting spanked on everyone else’s warm-ups seems par for the course for me, but I’m having a good time, hanging with a good crew and that’s what counts as far as I care these days. Guillaume Lebret continues his sending spree (mentioned in the last post) and yesterday we watched him do T1 Total Equip (8c), which he seemed to work hard for but once again it was in the blazing sun and conditions were miserable (well, miserable for sending, I thought conditions were quite nice for belaying actually!). Later I took these shots of Guillaume attempting to flash (but no cigar) the 50-metre Humildes pa Casa (8b+), a stunning route following tufa line for much of its length. Check it out!

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  • Karsten says:

    Hi Simon, I thought I saw you walk by yesterday morning when we left the campsite in St. Llorenc de Montgai after an eight days’ stay in the Lleida… Love your work, can’t wait to get my hands on the new book! Cheers, K.

  • Hi Karsten, ha ha, cheers! Great place to stay eh! Did I have three baguettes in my hand? I trust you had a great time here, so so much to do…

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