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New Favourites gallery

By 9 November 2011November 12th, 2013General News

I’ve added a gallery of some of my favourite images from over the years. Have a look at them here and hopefully enjoy!

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it here.

Favourites galleryEdit: 12 November 2013
I’ve just updated the gallery with many new images. It also runs off better software.

gallery screenshot

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  • Tyler Green says:

    Incredible! So inspiring. Can’t wait until I can purchase your new book! I think two of my favorites are Steve McClure on Mutation and Monique Forestier tackles a hard and high. But, there are so many incredible images, love your work!

  • Richard says:

    Wow. That’s a stunning collection of shots. Beautiful gallery..

  • Ty says:

    These photos are as amazing as the climbing captured within. Fantastic, inspiring, spine-chilling!! Two thumbs up!!

  • Nenad says:

    every single climber (and everybody else) will be amazed with photos! great work, keep it up

  • Hinrik Agustsson says:

    Hi, your photos are just great.
    I was wondering, do you have any pointers on taking photos inside a climbing gym?

    • Simon Carter says:

      Hi Hinrik
      Thanks. It’s hard to say, so much depends on what you are trying to show (the gym itself, or capture some action?) and the situation (many gyms are poorly lit). Most gyms are quite messy (visually speaking) so I’d try to clean it up using a longish lens and wide aperture and hone in on some actions — so that it is separated from the messy background. That could be one approach, but decide your vision first. Hope that helps.
      All the best, Simon

  • Serena says:

    great photos! amazing job!
    how did you decide to start this job?

    • Simon Carter says:

      Thanks Serena. It’s a long story but ever since I was 17 was into both climbing and photography, and had been interested in somehow combing them both. It was a long time, about 10 years after I finished school, before I decided to try it seriously/professionally. I was climbing full-time and basically decided there was nothing I’d rather do…

  • Jorge says:

    Amazing photos!!
    I’m planning a trip to France, and I was wondering if there’s any chance to get the picture of Chloé Minoret in Le Denti (7c ), Goudes, Les Calanques, France at full size? I would love to use it as a Wallpaper for my notebook, so I can get more hype and motivation for my trip!!

  • steph says:

    Great photos ! Very beautiful job !
    Félicitation !

  • Marlies says:

    Wow, amazing photos! Beautiful! I just started climbing in a gym, I’m a bit afraid of hights so …watching your photo’s with instant adrenaline rush 🙂

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