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Rock and Ice cover

By 17 September 2018Published

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Many thanks indeed to @rockandice for giving me the cover of their latest Photo Annual, I feel very honoured indeed!
This is Ashlee Hendy and Elizabeth Chong on The Man Who Sold the World (25), at Clean Cuts crag in the Grampians.
I first became aware of this route when working on the 2015 Grampians guidebook. Undeniably photogenic, I thought about what would be the best possible way to shoot this route and I came up with an answer but it took a few years before everything came together. I predicted the light but it’s funny how the little details count for so much. I couldn’t have done it without the hard work of Ashlee and Liz who were absolute legends on the day. The result is better than what I envisioned and this has become one of personal favourite pics. I’m very happy to see it used in this way.
So, thanks so much for this Rock and Ice — as well as all the support over the years! Also, thanks to all the other photographers, writers and climbers out there who have contributed to this photo annual and have made it something I’m very proud to be a part of. #stoked
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