Arapiles, next?

By 20 August 2019Instagrams

Arapiles next for climbing bans? Read the article from Save Grampians Climbing which includes a very worrying letter from Louise Shepherd and an explanation on how serious this situation is.

Thank you to the independent volunteers at Save Grampians Climbing for getting this information out there. Sadly “Australia’s Climbing Media” have been missing in action on this critically important subject so I’m glad that some others have stepped up.

And of course the other people who have been working frantically hard on this issue is the team at the ACAV. Their lawyers have determined that the Grampians SPA bans are not legal, which means we are staying out of those areas voluntarily, a point that needs to be driven home to Parks Victoria and the Minister Lily D’Ambrosio — who has so far sadly been dismissive of this serious issue (in breach of her parliamentary obligations). She can only ignore it for so long, the issue is due to be debated on the floor of Victorian parliament at 2pm today for example. Playing poodle to Parks Victoria is not going to solve anything. They have developed an anti-climber culture and engaged in a disgracefully dishonest smear campaign against climbers and what they are doing is incredibly counter-productive. Parks Victoria (and the Minister) must be held to account.

In other news yesterday the ACAV received their official certificate of incorporation, woohooo!!!! So now they can start acting officially and really start getting things done. Stay tuned for info about their AGM which will be held about three weeks.

Time to get off the fence people. Show some support and join the ACAV now!

Oh, the photo? It’s Gareth Llewellin on pitch two Anxiety Neurosis (26), Arapiles.

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