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So excited to announce our new all-in-one guidebook to the Red River Gorge, Kentucky! Check it out. All the info is below. USA customers order here, Australian customers order here.

@brendanleader you are a legend! 🙏😀💥🔥⭐️🍻🎉 .

#Repost with @Repostlyapp @bestofthered 🎉 THE RED – 1st Edition. 💣 BOOM! 💣 Beyond proud to announce our latest guidebook!! 😍 Comprehensive sport climbing crags of the Red River Gorge. South. Miller Fork. Muir Valley. North. 🔥 Preorders are live! Order here. 🔥

Yup, you read that right. We have indeed managed to bring all of the sport climbing in the Red back to a SINGLE BOOK! Oh yeah, and it’s not like lugging a brick around… 320 pages. 2300+ climbs. 100+ crags.

100% coverage of what has previously been lumped as the SOUTH. 100% coverage of MILLER FORK. That means every crag south of the Mountain Parkway is in this baby. And no, we did not forget the mega high quality sport crags in the NORTH. We stuck every single one of ‘em in here.

And just in time for the fall season!! Not enough awesomeness for one post?? How about a sweet preorder only deal… buy now and receive a FREE copy of our killer Best of the Red select edition to go along with it. ⏳ Oh, but there’s more… we’ve got a batch of advance copies arriving in less than 2 weeks! Super limited quantity in round one so if you’re as psyched as we are, hurry and get an order in now and we’ll have it shipped the day it arrives at our office. Last week of August at the latest!

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing all sorts of info about this sweet new book so stay tuned. For now, check out the details including a solid handful of sample pages from the book on our website. 🙏 So much love for all of you fine folks that have supported our journey from all of us: @brendanleader @simoncarter_onsight @moniqueforestier

Cover photo: 📸 @simoncarter_onsight of @honngy on The Golden Ticket (5.14c) at Chocolate Factory.

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